Rich Cecilione

Rich Cecilione
Rich is our Regional Sales Manager responsible for the Gulf Coast, Arizona, New Mexico, and the Rockies and our Oil and Gas Industry customers.

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Partial Valve Stroke Emergency Shut Down (ESD) Solenoid with Latching Local Manual and Remote Reset

Posted by Rich Cecilione on Sep 30, 2021 8:37:52 AM

Reliability in an emergency shutdown (ESD) system is paramount. Until now, there has not been a rational solution to cycle an ESD solenoid equipped with a Latching Manual Reset during a partial valve stroke test (PVST).

During this procedure, once the ESD is de-energized, the solenoid latches and will not reset on a signal due to the manual reset function. In most instances, a bypass circuit is created to PVST the process valve, which bypasses the ESD Latching Manual Reset Solenoid Valve. This test does not cycle and test the critical ESD solenoid valve.

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Tips for Specifying a Solenoid Valve When Applied in Freezing Temperatures

Posted by Rich Cecilione on Mar 8, 2021 8:22:52 AM

When specifying a solenoid to operate in freezing weather, it's critical to identify the basic application needs and address the environmental conditions to ensure reliable operation. In an ideal world, a solenoid experiences a clean and dry media, proper installation, protection from adverse environmental concerns, and periodic cycling to “exercise” the solenoid. Of course, ideal conditions are often not possible in the real world.

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When an Emergency Shutdown is Necessary – How Do You Ensure It Will Happen?

Posted by Rich Cecilione on Nov 6, 2019 9:57:09 AM

If ever there is a time when a system absolutely cannot fail, it’s your emergency shut down safety system during an event. These systems are critical to minimizing the impact of potentially disastrous situations such as fire, process irregularities, or storms.

The solenoid valve, frequently taken for granted as a commodity, is actually an essential component in the Emergency Shut Down system. How the solenoids function can mean the difference between a successful emergency shut down or failure. Failure can result in loss of life, an environmental catastrophe, and/or significant financial loss for your organization.

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Topics: Oil and Gas, Valve Automation, Solenoid, High-Reliability Valves

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