How to Maintain Valve Reliability at Extremely Low Temperatures

Posted by John A. Hatcher on Sep 21, 2021 10:00:00 AM
John A. Hatcher

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For decades, Versa Valves has provided valves and filter/regulators for cold temperatures with our popular “-44” Low-Temperature option.

This option offers a wide spectrum of environmental temperatures ranging from -40℉/-40℃ to as high as +200℉/+93℃. It has historically been specified for areas around the globe that see low temperatures throughout the coldest months. More recently, it is being relied on by customers in areas with uncharacteristically large temperature swings, often within the same week or even day.

An example is Texas, where ice storms can cause havoc on the grid if the process control components are not built with the proper options to reduce or eliminate the effects of freezing temperatures.

Low-Temperature Option

The “-44” option includes several cold temperature features:

  • Buna: With this seal compound, the solenoid operator package and other internal components function reliably under cold environments. This option includes low-temperature Buna seals designed to maintain resilience, while providing leak-free performance over extended periods in the coldest environments.

  • Lubrication: The cold temperature option includes Molykote 33, the finest lubricant available for cold temperatures. It also performs admirably at elevated temperatures, ensuring many worry-free years of reliable shifting.

Although not a standard option on the “-44”, Versa offers a no-charge strong spring “-S” option to increase the return force of the valve. It ensures a positive return shift when the solenoid valve is de-energized even if moisture gets into the valve and freezes. 

Versa also offers a stronger spring return option should the application require it—the "-SS" super-strong spring option.

Polar Temperature Option

Since many areas of the globe reach temperatures lower than -40℉/-40℃, Versa embarked on the quest to design an option package that can reliably function in these colder regions.

While the Versa's cold temperature option has been the logical choice for areas that witness extreme cold temperatures, we have built on that Real World Reliability expertise and engineered and recently introduced the new “-PLR” Polar Temperature Option. This product is designed for the 316 stainless valves as well as the Filter/Regulators.

It has an extreme temperature rating of -67℉/-55℃ and can reliably function in the coldest temperatures on the globe. This new "Polar" temperature option is made possible through some key options:

  • Nitril / Fluorosilicone: The utilization of these seal materials ensures that the internal seals of the valve will remain flexible at extremely low temperatures.
  • Return spring: The "-S" strong spring option is included to ensure a reliable return shift in the coldest environments.
  • Lubrication: Since Molykote 33 is the finest lubricant for low temperature applications, it was integrated into the Polar option as well,  ensuring many, worry-free years of reliable shifting.

Lastly, we recommend the addition of our successful and popular "-D14" exhaust adapter equipped with a fluorosilicone seal to ensure nonrestrictive exhaust when de-energized.

These options reliably function in real-world environments under extremely cold temperatures, giving operators peace of mind that the process will function as intended.


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