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Posted by Bob Zerella on Sep 2, 2021 10:00:00 AM
Bob Zerella

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Versa Products Company first introduced our V-series valve over 70 years ago. This robust, fully ported, and modularly designed valve was a truly innovative product for the time. It handled dirty air and provided distribution partners with a unique method to quickly build and supply the right valve. Most importantly, it offered Real World Reliability. The V-series was, and remains, the go-to-choice for high-reliability applications.

The world has changed a lot since 1949. Interestingly, the V-series has endured. Through the 3rd industrial revolution, the V-series modular design and legendary durability allowed it to adapt to the processes of the day without compromising performance.

As electronics dominated the landscape, it has grown to offer extensive solenoid options and a world-class offering of safety certifications. The “old” V-series stays relevant and widely respected. Now that we are in the early stages of the 4th industrial revolution, it’s time to adapt again.

Today, Real World Reliability means constant communication through Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) based technology.

Diagnostic Feedback Solutions

Versa’s Diagnostic Feedback Options offer users the same tried-and-true valves we have always provided with the added capability of intelligence. With the addition of key modular components, we can open our valve to strategic sensors.

In combination with our extensive valve options and the ever-expanding IIoT technologies, this development opens a blank canvas for users to engineer an endless variety of intelligent systems.


Remote Sensor Port (-20)

When a spool valve’s solenoid is energized, it lifts a poppet, and air pressure is allowed through to the piston, providing the force to shift the valve.

The field-proven Remote Sensor Port option opens a 1/8” NPT port inside the pilot chamber. As the poppet lifts, the sensor port also receives pressure. This port can be fitted with pressure sensors of various kinds for a wealth of diagnostic feedback information focused on the solenoid operation.

Converted 4-way Port

Convert any 5/2 (4-way, 2 position) valve to a 3/2 (3-way, 2 position) valve by simply plugging a cylinder port. Adapt this concept for diagnostic feedback by plugging the same cylinder port with a pressure sensor.

This method can supply theoretical feedback on the spool position through pressure detection or for pressure-based diagnostic troubleshooting.

Spring Cap Sensor Port (-407)

In some cases, theoretical feedback on the spool position isn’t enough. For those applications, we offer the spring cap sensor port. This offers an M12 threaded spring cap designed to allow proximity sensors direct contact with the spool.


Real-World Application: Emergency Shut Down Valves

Emergency Shut Down (ESD) valves are hopefully never called into action. However, it’s extremely important to monitor and test all components in case they are ever needed.

Sadly, control solenoids are often overlooked in this process.

In many ESD applications, a control solenoid may not be cycled for long periods. While all Versa valves are designed for the toughest environments, it’s always important to cycle and test in critical safety applications to ensure a working system before an emergency.

Many issues, especially ingress issues affecting the spool, will remain undetected unless the valve is cycled. While every application presents different factors, it’s statistically proven that cycling your valve more often leads to less failure in the field.

Versa’s Diagnostic Feedback Options can be used to build a Smart Exercise & Bypass Circuit. This allows for process monitoring, automated cycling, and diagnostic feedback from your control solenoids without cycling the ESD valve.

By equipping valves with sensory feedback, you can add diagnostic intelligence to an already highly reliable system.

Simple programming and controller integration allows for automated bypass activation and cycle tests. Signals from installed sensors will confirm solenoid health and spool shift and can even report back failure modes.

While smart circuit packages exist in the market, the Versa advantage comes in flexibility and high flow rates. Our modular design and fully ported valves allow for a mix of functionality, safety options, high flow, and reliability options un-matched in the market.


As an example, take natural gas. Natural gas and petroleum systems are the second-largest sources of methane emissions in the US, according to the EPA. With new calls to reduce methane emissions emerging all the time, it’s important to understand how this affects system testing.

Partial stroke testing of ESD systems can release a significant amount of gas emission into the atmosphere, limiting the frequency in which operators can run these tests and simultaneously making tests more valuable.

Generally, it’s more important than ever to properly select your solenoid valves for reliability. By adopting a Smart Exercise and Bypass Circuit system from Versa, users will have the ability to monitor and test their control solenoids regularly. This can be done in between partial valve stroke tests to avoid long stretches of valve inactivity.

VMAP Condensed Circuit Compatibility

Finally, it’s important to note that our Diagnostic Feedback Options and other Real World Reliability options are compatible with our VMAP condensed circuits.

We offer a fully loaded stainless steel VMAP for ultimate reliability in the toughest environments and the most critical applications.

By combining our Diagnostic Feedback Options, powershift, and transitional reliability options into a condensed Exercise and Bypass VMAP circuit, we get a package ready to handle anything you can throw at it.

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