Valve Reliability Options For Dirty and Wet Environments

Posted by Christina Busanic on Dec 19, 2019 1:46:31 PM
Christina Busanic

Many solenoid valve installations for process valve automation are in environments that require some kind of solenoid and body exhaust protection. Most installations use a form of sintered metal muffler or filter, however these options tend to clog and become less efficient at protecting the valve. Any restrictions in exhaust flow have potential to affect the ability of the valve to switch position.

Versa works with hundreds of applications requiring valve protection – and we have the most reliable solutions in the industry.

Our DE Dust Excluders thread into the exhaust port of a directional control valve and protect the internals of the valve against dirt, dust, moisture, and insects without obstructing the flow. Available in stainless steel or aluminum, these dust excluders provide a corrosion free solution that increases your solenoid valve’s life and reliability. Our D14 solenoid water tight dust excluder also adds an extra protective seal.


Versa’s record for durability and reliability is unsurpassed. Our products deliver unmatched service life and dependability in thousands of applications. From our precise engineering designs to our cutting edge manufacturing, high performance and lasting value are built into every valve and accessory we produce.

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